Maranatha University is a Christian institution of excellence and integrity. It is committed to building God-fearing leaders and defining the future. Assuredly, you have made the perfect choice in choosing Maranatha University, given that the philosophy is conceived as a centre of learning and research of distinction, combining academic excellence with love for humanity, borne of a God-fearing attitude, in accordance with visioners’ tradition of ethical behaviour, social responsibility and democratic ethics. You are welcome to a community of students, faculty and staff who are well motivated to provide quality and excellent services. Here at Maranatha University, our personnel work in synergy to actualize the core values of the University which are:    

*  Godliness, 

*  Faith

*  Excellence, 

*  Entrepreneurship, 

* Innovation.

* Integrity

* Social Responsibility 

Maranatha University seeks to pass on to students, a passion for Faith, Academic Excellence, Integrity, Solid Christian Character, Godliness and Leadership. The student life in and out of campus is structured to actualize the all-encompassing mission of the University which is devoted to creating conducive and dynamic teaching, learning, and research environment that equips our graduates with Christ-like character, positive attitude and sterling leadership qualities in many disciplines to make a difference globally. The University brings on board academic, spiritual, physical and social dimensions of training which, indeed, are the ingredients for the total man development concept.

 In Maranatha University Lagos, character education is considered fundamental for becoming a celebrated graduate. Academic excellence comes with huge rewards, but if your academic excellence does not intermix proportionately with sound godly character, it may be hard to epitomize the Maranatha University vision. It is for this reason that Maranatha University places a lot of importance on total obedience and strict adherence to rules and regulations governing the peaceful co-existence of the students within and outside of the University.

You would have been trained to have a disciplined lifestyle at the end of your stay at Maranatha University. Most importantly, you will be empowered and equipped to live a sound Christian life in anticipation of the second coming of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  We, therefore, appeal that you kindly concentrate on productive efforts in your academic, religious and social wellbeing that will mark you out as a sound Christian graduate equipped and empowered to impact your world positively.

It is wise to counsel you to take time out to familiarize yourself with the policies, regulations and procedures articulated in our Student Information Handbook. The book contains all the vital information that guides your religious, social and academic interactions. The handbook is however subject to periodic reviews to ensure that it does not run behind new paradigms in the ever-changing world.  

It is vital to note that Knowledge is like a garden. If it is not cultivated, it cannot be harvested. Your parents have seen the indispensability of education before sending you to the University. Your parents deserve your appreciation of this clear fact. Do not misuse this golden opportunity. On behalf of the entire Maranatha University community, I welcome you to our main campuses at Lekki and Okota, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Accept my best wishes for a successful and all-encompassing academic journey at Maranatha University in the precious name of Jesus Christ. You shall fulfil destiny in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Maranatha !!!






  • I am proud of this university. We need more universities that are guided by christian principles. That would mold the upcoming youths to lead the nation on the right tract.

    Associate Professor Austin Omomia Reply
  • Good to read about all Maranatha University has to offer and stands for
    All i can say, keep it up and even if you know you’re at the top, never stop progressing

    Pastor Mrs. Idara Elijah Reply

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