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The general welfare of students is managed by the Dean, Students Affairs (DSA). The Directorate is headed by a Dean who is directly responsible to the Vice-Chancellor. All students are therefore encouraged to relate closely with the directorate. This Directorate comprises Counselling Office, Student Discipline Office and ID Card Office among others.


Students of Maranatha University are able to discuss issues relating to their academic work and personal lives. Personal counselling sessions are available under strict confidentiality for students who may need such. Counselling services cover areas of social issues, family matters and academic problems. Students are encouraged to take advantage of this unique service in the university. Students with complex psychological problems are given proper referrals. Moral and Ethical services are free for all students of Maranatha University. Referral cases are not free as the students shall be required to pay for such services. Maranatha University Moral and Ethics Centre is located within the Administrative building of Maranatha University and it is headed by a Coordinator who is an Ordained experienced Pastor assisted by requisite staff.


Maranatha University has two Health Centers. The centers attend to both staff and students in case of emergencies and minor illnesses. Serious cases are referred to hospitals in close vicinity of Maranatha University by a Director of Health Services who is a qualified medical doctor assisted by qualified nurses and other para-medical staff. The center runs a 24- hour medical services. Consultations are free at the Health Centre for both staff and students. However, the patients may be required to pay for drugs administered to them.

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20 NUC Accredited courses in various disciplines

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Maranatha University has a Students Centre, which serves as a focal point for the provision of essential services to students and the rest of Maranatha University Community. Great effort has been made to ensure that all daily basic needs for the comfort of the students are provided within the campus. Students do not need to go outside the campus to source their daily basic needs while in the campus.


This is one of the businesses of Maranatha University on campus. It comprises of secretarial services, Internet services, telephone services, and desktop publishing to compliment Maranatha University Printing Press. With an active cyber café, students, lecturers and researchers have access to global information to assist them in their areas of study. Maranatha University partners with a telecommunication service provider to provide this vital service to Maranatha University community.


Maranatha University has two efficient and technologically driven, customer-oriented service bank agents on campus. The bank agents provide 24-hour ATM / POS points at strategic locations on campus. The bank(s) are open to the members of the community who may wish to use it. Students can also open bank accounts through the bank agents on campus.


Nutrition is a basic necessity for life and Maranatha University has multiple Cafeterias to provide food to staff and students. Maranatha University partners with food vendors to run catering services on campus by providing quality and hygienic food to Maranatha University community at reasonable prices. This is to provide many outlets for the students to choose where to eat. The services of the caterers are deregulated, but at the same time, Maranatha University authority ensures quality services and a hygienic environment.


Maranatha University has adequate Shopping facilities within the Business District of Maranatha University that provide shops and office spaces for various economic activities within the community. This includes supermarket, fashion shops, Phone repairs, bookshops, and gift shops etc. The Shopping facilities also cater for the direct needs of students through the delivery of services that are reasonable and affordable. These services include barbing and hair dressing, dry cleaning, laundry, photographic, photocopying, printing, computer type-setting and other related services for


Maranatha University has a Chapel to cater for the religious and spiritual needs of students and staff. Students are mandatorily required to attend all church services and other church activities. No other religion apart from the Christian faith is allowed on the campus. Maranatha University is purely a Christian faith-based University.

Maranatha University, a globally recognised institution, was established in the year 2021 for the benefit of the public. As a world-class leader in higher education, the University has pioneered change in the sector and made possible a wide range of academic opportunities. 


Maranatha University believes in complementing academic work with recreational exercises. Maranatha University, therefore, pays adequate attention to the emotional and physical well-being of its staff and students. To this end, recreational and sports facilities for both staff and students are provided at Maranatha University.


The great Maranatha University
In Faith, Excellence and Integrity
United in Christ, One God, One Faith, One Spirit.
You raise future leaders and birth the total man.

The Noble Maranatha University
Our conviction of Christ coming back, we hold.
Building builders and, Word-based, Word Bound.
We behold your growing glory, we salute your courage

Maranatha University. our great Alma Mater
Grace to serve, Faith to win, reigning as champions
Your footprints are lives changed in every field of learning
We are your testimonies, Maranatha University, Ma-ra-na-tha !!!!!


If you chose Maranatha University and have not received an admission letter, please call 07032323034. If you changed to Maranatha university, please upload your O’level result on the Jamb portal.

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